Wine Planter-Pots

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The Famous, Simple and Original Wine Planter-Pots

You’ve found the place for our famous half barrel wine planters, and hopefully the next place they call home is yours! These planters are premium, and locally made in our Abbotsford workshop. As well as being made from top quality coastal vineyard barrels, these planters are incredibly versatile and come in three different sizes to fit your every need.

Our Variety Means Your Gardening Troubles are Over

Our wine barrel planters are available in 1/4’s , 1/2’s, or 3/4’s. Check the specification tab for prices!


Your Plants will Thank You

Hand crafted authentic used wine barrels made with American and French white oak, shipped to us directly from beautiful rolling vineyards. We then hand pick and cut the barrels into solid, elegant, and unique Wine Planter-Pots for your landscape. Our most popular 1/2 barrels are great for planting anything from flowers to vegetables, 1/4 planters are great for herbs and short rooting plants, and if you’re looking to start trees or shrubs we also have 3/4 barrels to ensure enough rooting space to save you from transplanting them too often.

Not Just For Plants

Our famous half barrels are not just for planting, they’re perfect for filling with cement and erecting poles to create an effortlessly beautiful hanging string light patio, filling with water to create a pond or water feature, using as a cooler to impress your guests, and even as chairs when flipped upside down and given a cushion!

Also see ourĀ Horizontal beds for an exciting and different take on our barrel planters! Alternatively check out ourĀ Whiskey Planter-Pots for a darker, more weathered look.


1/4 cut

$50.oo Approx. 5″ tall and 24″ opening

1/2 cut

$75.oo Approx. 17″ tall and 28″ opening

3/4 cut

$115.00 Approx. 29″ tall and 24′ opening


All products are fully customizable with our in house laser engravings

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