Wine Barrels 59 Gal.

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An Instant Classic

Made from solid American and French white oak, these wine barrels are truly the spitting image of where your mind goes when you think “barrel”. Straight out of sprawling, beautiful coastal vineyards, these Casks are in perfect condition. You’ll be ecstatic when you see how great these drums are for both form and function!



There’s Nothing Quite like Wine…

Except the barrels that make it. Kept inside for storage led these vessels to an almost untouched quality, looking nearly brand new. The stained inside shows you the rich history of each barrel, and adds a unique charm that only the genuine article can offer. These classic casks hail from beautiful sprawling coastal vineyards, where they were retired and sent to us for repurposing.

Form and Function in One Tight Package

These premium drums are not just any barrels, they’re made with quality American and French white oak; Banded with galvanized steel, to ward off rust and keep your purchase looking shiny as the day you received it




Approx. 35″-37″ tall and 26″-28″at belly


All products are fully customizable with our in house laser engravings

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