Whiskey Barrels 53 Gal.

SKU#: 0012856-3

Tough as Nails, Retired, and Still Have Plenty of Years Left in ‘Em

Made from solid 1″ thick charred American white oak, these whiskey barrels are a true testament to the craftsmanship behind them, and the simple fact they’ll last even longer for any work you give them. All while looking rustic and nostalgic effortlessly thanks to the top quality build.


Own a Piece of the Whiskey Industries Legacy

Originating in Kentucky distilleries these whiskey barrels are retired from the Alcohol industry. However, thanks to a top quality build these old boys are still in great condition. A perfect fit for your home or business! Being around since 1760, our supplier has always made premium products. We want to share some of that legacy with you by offering the very barrels in which the whiskey was created. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime offer, reach out to us and secure your order today!

A Slice of the Old West, Ready for Your Home or Business

We vet the best barrels to ensure happy buyers every time. These unaltered barrels straight from the distilleries are great for adding character to any space. We offer a plethora of High quality custom products using these barrels as well, if you were looking for a more personal touch to your space.

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