Whiskey Barrel Planter-Pots

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Howdy, Flip Over a Planter-Pot and Sit a While

The southern brother of our famous Wine Planter-Pots these rugged and dark Whiskey Planter-Pots are a great addition to any yard or growing space to give it that easy-going hospitable ranch look. Complete your dream yard today with one of our high quality, locally made Planter-Pots!

Comes in a variety of sizes you can’t go wrong with this top of the line product, check the specifications tab for more details on both pricing and measurements.


Of A Sturdy Nature

This no nonsense planter speaks for itself. With a darker tone and plenty of character our Whiskey Barrel Planter-Pots are ready to say “howdy” to any space you’ll have it! Made from top quality aged whiskey barrels which we source personally, these retired barrels are ready for a second life under your care.

Versatility Of A Good Rope, Style Of A Bygone Era

Whether you’re looking for the natural beauty that only wood can give or the comfy visual that reminds one of an old southwestern homestead, we have you covered. Due to the build of our Planter-Pots, they’ll always give off an effortless atmosphere that will impress your guests again and again. These functional products can be used as planters, water features, drink coolers, or even flip them upside down and add a cushion for an easy DIY seat around the campfire!

A Price You’ll Love, Guaranteed!

We offer three sizes for different plants, among other uses. Our 1/4 cut is great for shallow rooting plants; the 1/2 cut was designed for more versatility, can be used for flowers and vegetables. Finally, our 3/4 cut is perfect for starting trees so you don’t have to constantly transplant them! Give your garden the rustic update you’ve been wanting with our versatile Planter-Pots today!

Here at West Coast Barrel Co. we want to make sure we give you the best price and quality money can buy, feel free to contact us anytime with questions you may have!



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