Serving Trays

SKU#: 0012856-8

Serve Your Guests with Class

Give your next dinner party an unforgettable centerpiece with our incredible Serving Trays. Made from solid French white oak, and with fully customizable options, you can have the Serving Tray of your dreams for any purpose! We can make you a mainstay tool in your kitchen’s arsenal.


Our Trays Serve You so You can Serve Them

Not only do our Serving Trays come with many options to customize them to be perfect for your home, but they are strong and stylish. They give off a sophisticated air, with the high-quality finish on the wood and the personalized engravings, all our trays are a completely unique creation just for you, and your guests will be sure to notice. Add an extra touch of flair to your business, or even just use them at home. Either way, this product will go above and beyond for your needs.

Entirely Unique, from start to finish

The moment we receive your order, it goes straight to our people in the workshop. We take one of our premium charred French white oak barrels and cut the top off, using that as the base for your tray. Some choose to keep the iconic ridge around the circumference of the barrel, giving the tray an authentic look. Others, choose to have it be cut down into a different shape to suit their needs. Regardless, we take them and treat the wood to make it smooth and pleasing to the eye; once we’ve done that, we put any finishing touches or modifications requested, such as handles, engravings, etc. and there you have your unique, one of a kind Serving Tray to add atmosphere to any space!


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