Premium Beds

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A Premium Product to Create Top Quality Living Spaces

This is the site to create an incredible space your guests will adore, and our premium beds are the perfect eye catching conversation piece. But these beautiful hand crafted whiskey or Kentucky bourbon barrel oak beds aren’t just for at home, you can even spruce up your business by using it to hold product or as a storefront planter. Check out our Horizontal Beds for a more rustic version of this product.


Premium is Just the Beginning

The oil treated wood and wire brushed finish on the metal is truly a sight to behold. These beds only leave our shop once perfected; from the barrel itself to the handcrafted cradle it rests on.  Half of the reason we call it premium is thanks to our quality whiskey or Kentucky bourbon barrels. The other half is from our custom base, on which the bed stands, handmade by our workshop crafters this base is sturdy as it is beautiful.

Nothing Middle-of-the-Road about it

The road to how we transform an ordinary high quality used barrel into our one of a kind Premium Beds is quite a trek. It all starts with a nice oil finish and wire brush treatment to buff out any imperfections. As a result, we have them looking how we like them and we cut them in half lengthwise for later. After that, we hand craft you a base for it to sit on from scratch; we sand and oil treat the wood, followed by screwing the barrel bed into the base for a secure fit that’ll last. As a result we have an absolutely unique and sturdy Premium Bed ready to get a new home!

Every Product we Sell is a Happy Ending

With local delivery anywhere in the BC area for a small fee, and flexible shipping options North America-wide, we are happy to oblige you to make the buying process a snap. After all, what use is a product that never arrives? Especially when it’s a product of this caliber, adding that much needed flair to your garden or patio. Create an unforgettable BBQ party by filling our Premium Beds with ice and drinks, or filling it with water and creating a pond anywhere! Check the specifications tab for more information, and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.




Approx. 18″ tall, 34″ long, 25-28″ across


All products are fully customizable with our in house laser engravings

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