Horizontal Beds

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Planting Flowers has Just Been Revolutionized with Class

Authentic oak barrel beds available in wine or whiskey with a natural BC fir base. The perfect compliment to create an unforgettable outdoor garden. Our Horizontal Beds create a natural atmosphere you’ll love, guaranteed.


A New Style of Gardening With a Classic Look

Is your garden missing a rustic or cozy natural feeling? Look no further than our Horizontal beds (available in wine or whiskey styles), these multipurpose horizontal bed cousins to our famous Wine or Whiskey Planter-Pots give life to any space, whether you’re looking for that southern hospitality feeling or the classy natural air of the vineyards of Italy, we have you covered.

Great for flowers and vegetables.  Banded with steel by our master woodworkers, the wine or whiskey oak barrels come built to last!

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Functional and Tough

How many cheap planters have you gone through? We understand the joys and struggles of creating a nice yard, so we sought to make a Horizontal Bed of a notoriously sturdy foundation: barrels. No more cheap easily dented tin or flimsy thin wood that falls apart days after you set it up.

We here at West Coast Barrel Co. understand the importance of quality, we have a crew of diligent professionals that build these Beds as tough as they come, the wine barrels come banded with galvanized steel to ward off the rust and elements and keep that pristine look.



$115 Approx. 35″ length,  25″ width and 15″ height.


$125 Approx. 35-37″ length, 27″ width and 17″ height.

All products are fully customizable with our in house laser engravings

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