Gator Barrels

These Gators Don’t Bite

Have you ever wanted to to serve drinks to your guests in a wholly unique way? Turn your display piece into a functional drink holder, with our Premium Gator Barrels. Made from pure white oak, these top quality barrels are sure to impress you and your guests, adding a rustic, professional feel to any setting. Available in a multitude of sizes to fit your every need, and can be personalized with a laser engraving of your choice.


Create an Unforgettable Experience Anytime, Anywhere

Our solid white oak Gator Barrels effortlessly enhance any setting. Gator Barrels come with the stand, bung, and spigot, so you’re ready to use this functional product right away! These Gator Barrels are sturdy, and have a nice heft to them, giving you the functionality that goes along with the stylish display they create. Expect a smooth pour every time thanks to the fine woodworking on the custom bung and spigot. No liquid will come out of these Gator Barrels until your glass is ready to fill.

An Engraving Makes Every Product Unique to You

All of our products can be laser engraved in our workshop. The engraving is $5 for an engravable item. We would be happy to put anything you could want on our top quality product so you can have that personalized set piece you’ve always wanted. Not only are these a great personal purchase, but work wonders as a gift unlike anything else! supply your own artwork or have our design team bring your ideas to life starting at $35.

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