Decorative Bowl

Serve Your Fruit Like the Art it is

With this beautiful oak barrel stave fruit bowl, you can have an elegant kitchen or table piece that your guests will love almost as much as the fruit it holds! The bowl itself has a flatter elongated design to hold more and take up less space than a large circular bowl would, giving function to the its rustic form. We finish these barrel staves with a nice resin and oil coat, giving the bowl a nice dark color and easy to clean finish


An Effortlessly Elegant Way to Light up Your Space

The perfect function of the barrels design is broken down into it’s core with this fruit bowl concept. Using these barrel staves, our craftspeople handmake unique functional bowls that can be used for a variety of purposes! The design was intentionally made to be elongated, as sometimes a large circular bowl can take up too much room. The idea is that the long fruit bowl will fit in places your standard fruit bowl won’t.

Inspired Innovation on the Classics

One day we looked at our Whiskey and Wine Barrels and thought “we can make these into something more”. Thus our Barrel Inspired Furniture and Decor was created! We are very excited to add this Fruit bowl to our already stellar line-up. As with all of our products, it’s handcrafted from our own premium oak barrels. We expertly utilize the different components of the barrels and improve upon basic décor and furniture concepts.

A Bowl That Looks Good and Keeps Your Fruit Fresh Longer

Fruit Bowls don’t just exist for a quick easy to access snack, fruit are notoriously hard to keep in perfect condition. There are tons of rules for what should be stored together, what shouldn’t, and how long fruit will stay ripe. The type of bowl you choose has a noticeable effect on your fruits taste and freshness. some suggest ceramic or glass bowls, however, a wooden bowl is actually one of the best choices! Wooden fruit bowls contain small pores (or holes) in them to allow air circulation around your fruits and veggies, the resulting aeration will help keep your produce fresh much longer than normal. Plus, you have the added benefit of barrel oak, a wood specifically chosen for it’s aeration capability and the reason we chose it as our fruit bowl material.



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