Charcuterie Boards

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Cooking and Serving in Unmatched Style

Whether you need a no-nonsense cutting board, or a top-quality stylish Charcuterie Board, this all-purpose solid oak board excels effortlessly at both meal prep and as a serving tray! We offer a bevy of customizable options from our in-house workshop, including personalized engravings.


The Road to the Perfect Charcuterie Board isn’t Easy

Nothing ever is, but the process is well worth the outcome. We start with any one of our barrels (whiskey, wine, or bourbon), and then we break them down into staves. Once that is done, we take the staves and stack them tightly, making a smooth, solid board that you can choose the colors of the wood for. Following that, we add any features you might like, such as a handle, or personalized engravings. Lastly, we add the silicon rubber feet onto the bottom to give it gripping capabilities and an inch of height so that the easy pickup grooves we put in underneath the sides are readily accessible!

It was the Style at the Time, Thankfully, it’s Timeless

The Charcuterie cooking technique is truly frozen in the cultural zeitgeist, ever since it’s creation in 15th century France it has exploded into popular culture with the Charcuterie Board craze. It’s no wonder it’s lasted this long, having a beautifully arranged assortment of high-quality meats and unique cheeses mingled with fruits and jams is one of the most flexible and diverse meals you can enjoy! Treat yourself with one of our Charcuterie Boards today and experience it for yourself.

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