Barrel Stave Coat Racks

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Home is Where You Hang Your Hat

What better way to hang anything than with our Barrel Stave Coat Rack? With your choice of hooks and custom engraving options you can’t go wrong! A perfect fit for any home, cabin, trailer or shed! Pick one up today and complete that perfect look you’ve been wanting all this time!


Simplicity at its Finest

Our barrels are made from top quality French white oak, these specific types are a lot more valuable due to the quality, we strive to offer you the best on the market in every way. These Barrel Stave Coat Racks start off as one of our barrels. We then break them down into staves that we can give an oil finish and add any engravings you would like. Following that we mount your choice of hooks and then you have your unique coat rack!

Give your space the cabin vibe you’ve been looking for

The Barrel Stave Coat Rack is the perfect mood setter, you won’t believe how well it can tie together a space. With the personalized engraving and the handmade quality, this rack embodies the raw beauty of the outdoors while in the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking for the complete room renovation, our coat rack goes well with our other décor products, such as the Barrel Head Clock, or the serving trays and shelves! Check out our full home décor catalogue and feel free to contact us with your ideas, we would be more than happy to personalize these creations for you!

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Weight 2-5 kg
Dimensions 37.5 cm
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