Barrel Head Shelves

SKU#: 0012856-13

Bring Charm to Your Wall Today

With this shelf made from an authentic oak barrel head, any room can have the perfect functional mood setter. Made from your pick of our top quality barrels, we make this shelf out of the wood and the metal banding to make it look like it’s plucked straight from a log cabin out in the woods. This product, like all of our others, is completely custom, so give us your ideas and we can make a totally unique product that fits your home like nothing else.


Style and Service, All in One Compact Package

When you’re looking for a wall mounted shelf, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options. However, we at WCBC are dedicated to making the most visually impressive décor and furniture possible to save you time from sifting through inferior products, and to keep you happy with the way your room looks for as long as possible!

Entirely Unique, From Start to Finish

Every order we make of our Barrel Head Shelves is finely crafted to your specifications, right down to the finish of the wood and even the overall look. Our most popular variety is the shelve converted from the head of a barrel, used as a base we add the horizontal shelf and metal band railing to keep the items secure.

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