Barrel Head Engravings

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Get Ahead in Decorating your Space

These personalized engraved wall mounted Barrel Heads are perfect for adding a unique touch to any space, we can engrave any logo, animal, theme, or picture onto the barrel. Contact us with your ideas and we will work with you to make it a reality! Spruce up your personal space, home, or cabin with this top-quality wall decoration that you can make entirely unique to you!

All products are fully customizable with our in house laser engravings

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Each One Unique and Ready to Display

These classic stylish Engraved Barrel Heads are one of our favorite products we offer. Who would have thought such a simple product could have so much impact on the space it occupies? We sure didn’t and it will surprise you too how well it lights up a room the moment it Is displayed for all to see. It’ll wow your guests every time they see it, making it a great conversation piece. It embodies the vibrancy and culture of the old west in a more contemporary style.

Creating an Iconic Décor Piece Just for You

This product starts the same as all the others, as one of our premium barrels. We take the head off the barrel and then start the sanding, oil treatment and banding process that gives it a fresh new look. Following that we prep it for the engraving portion of the build and get anything you’d like to put on the face of the barrel head. The result is one of our Barrel Head Engravings, a wholly unique project from start to finish, just for your home.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 2-5 cm
Cost Effective
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