Barrel Head Clocks

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It’s Never a Bad Time for a Better Clock

From the cabin to home and everywhere in between, this clock made from high quality oak barrels is a perfect fit! It’s a fully customizable wall decoration that is both stylish and functional. Treat your walls with a custom-made barrel clock, add an engraving to make it truly unique. Our clocks even make a perfect personalized gift!



No Joke, It’s All Oak

Our Barrel Clocks start with an authentic oak barrel head and don’t leave the shop until we reach the quality standards we are known for. Every clock starts out as a full barrel, be it whiskey or wine, we then remove the barrel head to use as the base of our clocks. After that we get the workshop to craft a clock head with custom engravings (if requested) and numbers/roman symbols on the face. The master woodworkers we have give it a fine lacquer finish and insert the clock mechanics as soon as it’s dry and ready, and voila, your new unique barrel clock is ready to mount wherever you need!

Time Flies When You are Making a Unique Passion Project

We love the work we do at West Coast Barrel Company, which makes every piece of furniture or décor a genuine pleasure for us to make for you. At the end of the day, we just like hearing how happy everyone is with the finished creation. On offer we have tons of customizable options for the Barrel Clocks we offer including custom engravings, themed clocks, unique numbering, different finishes etc. Basically, anything you can dream up our workshop can most likely make a reality, contact us with your idea and see what happens!

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