Barrel Cooler

Stay Frosty

With our ice buckets, you can make any space into a rustic, dignified hot spot! With a sturdy barrel body propped up on stave legs, you’ll never have to bend down to get something from the cooler again. We even offer customizable options, including if you want our smooth easy open barrel lid or not. Made from our top quality oak barrels, we make sure you get a wholly unique bucket for your home or business, every time.


Chilling Your Goods has Never Been More Simple

Barrels are made with many functions in mind, one of the most important is temperature control. We decided that the best way to utilize this unique property was to create a custom standing ice bucket. We even use the barrel bands for reinforcement and barrel staves for the legs! It gives the overall product a very rustic and authentic look, that fits in any setting, contemporary or otherwise. Not to mention the elegant functionality, you won’t have your ice melting on you in the middle of an important event with this bucket! It seamlessly fits into many different settings, BBQ parties, inside of your business, even on the patio at home, you’ll have an ice bucket that does it’s job and doubles as a beautiful set piece anywhere you set it down.

Sturdy, Functional, and Easy To Use

With this creation, our master craftworkers sought to make a simple ice bucket that looks good and will last you indefinitely. With plenty of functional (as well as stylish) features like an {oil} finish, a smooth resin finished lid, and as always, the option to get a custom laser engraving on your unique order!

One of the best features with this item is ease of use; with an elevated stand and insulated body thanks to the lid, your ice will stay cold and accessible. Just walk up, flip the lid and grab what you need at any time. The build of the overall unit uses the sturdy property of the barrel wood and reinforced bands to make an ice bucket you’ll have for years and years.

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